Joining a Mom’s Group

I’ll just come right out and say it. I never thought I needed to join a mom’s group. I was fairly sure that I had things completely under control and I was terrified that if I surrounded myself with other moms, I would find out everything I was doing wrong.

Eventually the stir-craziness of being home alone got to me and I looked up local groups. I found one in my town and after two weeks of making excuses to my husband on why I couldn’t attend, I finally forced myself to go.

The experience was awesome.

Everyone was as “green” as I was at parenting. I found that the more I listened to them chat about everything from sleeping habits, to breastfeeding, to poopy diapers and arguments with significant others, I felt more relaxed. I was a good mom. I had never really openly thought otherwise, but something about hearing them chat about their experiences made me feel part of a community that I never really understood.

I’ll admit I forgot my diaper bag in the car. I didn’t have a snuggly blanket or the “right” toys or even a clue as to what I supposed to do, but Ciaran had a great time sleeping in car seat and I learned that sometimes being independent-minded gets in the way of learning from a group setting.

I went to mom’s group every week I could for the entire time I was on maternity leave and I cannot speak highly enough of the experience and of the friendships that both Ciaran and I made when I was there. Now we moms meet up for play groups every second Saturday and Moms’ Night Outs when we’re able.

If you’re like me and don’t know if you really NEED anyone during those first few weeks, why not give a mom’s group a try? I bet you’ll find an amazing group of women ready to teach you, learn from you, grow with you, and sometimes even cry with you.

Hugs to my mom friends. You make me a better mom.


~ by katiefawkes on April 29, 2012.

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